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2. You’re only allowed to make a maximum of ONE request each day.
3. Your comment will be held for moderation until it gets approved by an editor.
4. Even if your comment gets approved it does not mean your request will be fulfilled. We’ll try to do as much as possible.
5. There is no time frame within which a request would be completed. It can take us a day or a week, depending on the nature of the request.
6. Re-uploads can only be done for content posted within the last 3 days.
7. Do not make requests for single TV episodes.
8. iMDB links must be included.
9. Preferably provide info such as resolution or file size.

UPDATE: You can also request music! Please include Main Artist, Album, Year, and any other identifying information (such as remaster year, catalouge #, or the medium (WEB, CD, Vinyl, SACD, Cassette, Bluray, DVD))

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  1. Gibby says:

    Emmanuelle 2. (1975)
    Goodbye Emmanuelle (1977)
    Emmanuelle IV (1984)



  2. Dolores says:

    Hi, it’d be great if you could get ‘David Brent – Life on the Road’ (2016) REMUX 1080p Bluray please. Thanks in advance!


  3. zaje says:

    Can you please upload :
    teen titans 2003


  4. merif00 says:

    The Private Eyes (1976)
    New Police Story (2004)
    Security Unlimited (1981)
    Remux or Full BD

  5. JGEthan says:

    Angels & Demons 2-in-1: Theatrical & Extended Version 2-Disc Edition 2009 Blu-ray CEE 1080p AVC DTSHD MA 5 1
    Hii Dorukhan If Possible Plz do full BD
    lOVE U bRO

  6. Goya says:

    Please could you upload The 13th Warrior (1999) remux 1080p bluray? Thanks!


  7. Stephen says:



  8. steve says:

    hello dorukhan, you posted a while ago Ghostbusters 2 4k 1080p

    can you also upload Ghostbusters(1984) 4k 1080p
    thank you, keep up the great work!

  9. Freddy Krueger says:


    Thanks in advance 🙂

  10. Aaron says:

    Could you please post these Falling Skies S01-S05 BluRay REMUX

  11. Desmond Potts says:

    Please find “Murder By Death” 1976

    Actually wouldn’t mind a Peter Sellers and/or Peter Falk filmography but this is by far my favorite!
    Good news is it looks like Amazon and Youtube have it.

  12. cliff says:

    I would like to request these 3d REMUX framepacked releases either bluray or Remux. Non HALF resolution. Any of these in the original bluray format would be appreciated.

    toy story 1-3
    Kubo and the two strings
    Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
    Open Season
    Ice Age Films
    Madagascar Films
    OZ the Great and Powerful
    The Croods
    Monsters University
    The Monkey King
    The Nut Job
    300: Rise of an Empire
    Dawn of the planet of the apes
    Seventh Son
    Point Break
    Angry Birds Movie
    Jungle Book
    Nitro Circus: The Movie
    Jackass 3d
    Appetite for Democracy 3d

  13. Joanna says:

    Hello fellow moderators !
    I’ve just seen season 1 and 2 of Cable Girls here :
    Season 02 is working , season 01 links are down.
    Would you be so kind to reup s01 and add s03
    if you can , please ?

    Thank you !

  14. aa says:


  15. aldier says:

    Cord and Trish Rose Parade Live 2019 Amazon

    Love you

    Also the British wedding one

  16. twins says:

    Hope you guys can get Three Identical Strangers (2018) in blu-ray or remux.



  17. NewYork says:

    Hi, thanks for the American Pie remuxes.
    Could you please also upload these ‘American Pie’ like movies? Thank you very much!
    American Pie 2 (2001)
    http://www.imdb.com/title/ tt0252866
    Band Camp (2005)
    http://www.imdb.com/title /tt0436058
    The Naked Mile (2006)
    http://www.imdb.com/title /tt0808146
    Beta House (2007)
    http://www.imdb.com/title/ tt0974959
    The Rebound (2009)
    http://www.imdb.com/title/ tt1205535

  18. Inland says:

    Playing It Cool
    Full blu-ray/remux

    Thank you!

  19. Thiago Cerqueira says:

    Can you guys please upload About Time 2013 in a REMUX version ( About.Time.2013.1080p.CEE.BluRay.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-FGT )? Preferably in 2160p. Thanks.

    IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2194499/

  20. eggward1 says:

    Super Mario Bros (1993)
    version: Super.Mario.Bros.1993.1080p.BluRay.x264-7SinS


  21. Dolores says:

    Hi, would it be possible to get ‘The Death of Stalin’ (2017) REMUX 1080p Bluray please? Thanks in advance!


  22. foxhan says:

    Can you please reupload Upgrade 2018 1080p BluRay REMUX AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1-EPSiLON
    It’s not working anymore thx

  23. Mike says:

    Please upload the 1080p BluRay of Faust (1926)
    Thank you!

  24. Olivia says:

    Grace and Frankie – Season 1-4 and Season 5 when it’s released.
    Preferably 2160p but I don’t mind 1080p
    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3609352/

  25. jonas says:

    Cheerleader Camp (1988)
    I’d love it if I could get my hands on the movie in BD quality. Full BD would be appreciated.

  26. Manny says:

    Hello. Is it possible for you to upload a 1080p version of this movie?

    Gloomy Sunday (Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod) 1999

    Thank you!

  27. Please upload says:

    Can you please upload Intouchables (2011)
    1080p Remux

  28. Goya says:

    Please could you upload Porky’s (1981) remux 1080p bluray? Thanks!


  29. zikcriss says:

    Please when you can upload Man Down S02, 03 ,04 i love this serie
    thank you so much for your great work here

  30. Abir Hasan Eka says:

    Could you please upload Sriracha (2013), a documentary?


  31. Anshuman Singh says:

    Please upload
    the criterion collection link isnt working.

  32. Haydar says:

    hai, can you please uploaded this movie rudolf the black cat

  33. McSee says:

    Can I request a re-up of a few individual files? All seem to be www26.zippyshare.com or www49.zippyshare.com IP not found…

    Freaked.1993.1080p.BluRay.x264-HD4U.part02.rar > www49.zippyshare.com’s server IP address could not be found.

    Critters.1986.1080p.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-EPSiLON.part04.rar > www26.zippyshare.com’s server IP address could not be found.

    Critters.3.1991.1080p.BluRay.Remux.AVC.FLAC.2.0-PmP.part13.rar > www26.zippyshare.com’s server IP address could not be found.

    Black.Sheep.1996.German.AC3D.DL.1080p.BluRay.AVC.Remux-Pate.part09.rar > www49.zippyshare.com’s server IP address could not be found.

    Tommy.Boy.1995.German.AC3D.DL.1080p.BluRay.AVC.Remux-Pate.part18.rar > www26.zippyshare.com’s server IP address could not be found.
    Tommy.Boy.1995.German.AC3D.DL.1080p.BluRay.AVC.Remux-Pate.part30.rar > www49.zippyshare.com’s server IP address could not be found.

    Fingers crossed, Thanks

    • McSee says:

      Found out to be an issue with Windscribe VPN, sources showed as up but it couldn’t connect to those particular files. Tried both JDownloader and direct download, no good. Used a different VPN and no issues.

  34. Ryan Gos says:

    Hi, Could you please upload the season 3 of Mind Field? Season 1 and 2 are already on the website and its been a while that the season 3 of Mind Field is out on Youtube Red. Please upload the 2160p version of Mind Field season 3.


    Thank you.

  35. Alejandro Gonzalez says:

    Please upload the complete blu ray of Quantum Leap.


  36. Dave says:

    Funny Story (2018) Directed by Michael J. Gallagher

    Preferably 1080p, but to be honest whatever you can find.

  37. yasar says:

    may i request Tangled 2010 in 1080p remux or full bd please?

  38. Eve says:

    Please upload: emperor’s new school


  39. Asad says:

    Can you please upload Arachnophobia 1080p


  40. nilo says:

    The Prodigal Son (1982)
    Warriors Two (1978)
    Full BD or Remux
    Thanks in advance

  41. Karan says:

    Hey! Thank you so much for the other Mario Bava movies. Here’s three more difficult to find Mario Bava movies released by Arrow that I would greatly appreciate uploaded in full blurays.

    A Bay of Blood (1971)
    Lisa and the Devil (1973)
    The Cat o’ Nine Tails (1971)

    Thanks again for all your awesome work and I greatly appreciate any that you can find. You are super awesome!

  42. Petrus Wijaya says:

    Would you please upload :

    Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-lot

    Season: S01-S02
    Compression : x264 or x265 ( Prefer x265 )
    Resolution: 1920x1080p (1080p)
    Language: English
    Subs: English ( If Available )
    Link: “http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1156752/”

    Thank you for your kindness

  43. Dolores says:

    Hi again, and thank you very much for ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’! Great work!

    I’d be very grateful if you could also get ‘Børning’ (2014) and Børning 2 (2016) REMUX 1080p Bluray please?


  44. Mukuu says:

    Hiya SNAHP team,
    If at all possible, may I request the complete series of ADVENTURE TIME in full BD/ BD remux?
    Many thanks in advance for trying.

  45. AmirHXe says:

    A Serbian Film 2010
    Best quality possible


  46. guestFromIndia says:

    Please upload WAKE UP SID(2009)( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1324059/ ).
    Quality: 1080p(NON_REMUX) with or without DTS audio.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  47. uuno says:

    Hello, could you please upload:
    Endeavour S04 1080p BluRay x264-BRMP.
    Thank you!

  48. AI says:

    Her (2013) Blu-ray Remux please?


    Thank you for the hard work, fellas.

  49. arrow says:

    New Police Story (2004)
    Full BD

  50. WAEL says:

    The Pillars of the Earth 1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS

  51. Freddy Kruger says:

    Sex Education S01 1080p NF WEBRip DD+5.1 x264-DEFLATE


    Thank you.

  52. Maya says:


  53. Anteron says:

    Looking for the first THREE seasons of Grantchester!
    Quality is almost irrelevant because they simply are hard to find.
    1080p x264 if possible.
    720p would be sufficient!
    H265 is fine as well!

  54. Sokon says:

    Tokyo Godfathers – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0388473/
    Tokyo.Godfathers.2003.1080p.BluRay.x264-HAiKU.mkv —> is available in some Forums

  55. alexander says:

    El Mariachi 1992 BluRay 1080p DTS x264-CHD


    Thanks in advance.

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